Welcome to March!

I know most of this blog’s readers are in Florida and that maybe this calendrical moment means less to you, but for those of us rocking zones 8 and lower, March 1 is a wonderful, wonderful day.

The nighttime temps have been moderating very nicely, with regular bouts of 50+ degrees so my expanding collection of seedlings can stay outside. I’ve got 28 tomato seeds in cups from a dozen or so varieties and around the time they peek their heads out, I’ll be able to leave them outside full time.

Today the forecast says 72 and sunny for Atlanta. This morning a chunk of bees were bearding on the front of the more active hive in the back yard – camping out, as it were, to stay cool. There are so many necessary chores that go into the making of spring, but today I’m just going to be grateful we’ve made it through to another one.

And maybe move some dirt. Happy March 1, everybody!

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2 Responses to Welcome to March!

  1. Jorge says:

    best Gainesville season!we live for early spring.

  2. warm days cold nights in nor-cal . every thing is emerging , bulbs blooming. nice

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