Week 3 Costa Rica

This is around the time that one realizes that 3 months is a really long time to be travelling, anywhere. Paradise? Yeah, 3 months is still a really, really long time. Both the three months we’ve been gone already, and the three months we’re in the process of being here in Costa Rica. That said, paradise is a nice place to be homesick. Jess and I, this long gone, are going through our homesick pangs. Again, it’s a really, a long time to be away from your friends and family, y’know? And we’ve got so awesome of a group of friends and family that it’s hard not to miss em. We have a little slice of home, though, as we’re staying with my aunts here in San Jose and so, y’know, we hold onto that. Costa Rica is a little ridiculously pretty, tho. We just got back from spending a solid week more or less in Manuel Antonio, the prettiest beach this side of the universe. Tourist-infested, yes, but amazingly gorgeous. I am more tanned than I ever have been in my life, and am still shaking the sand out of my ears. Dominical was an unexpected pleasure. To anyone considering Costa Rica travels, check out Dominical. A teeny little surfer town, more like a street, really, right on the beach. Just the right amount of places to eat and stay, and the only tourists around are the dedicated beach bums and surfers. So laid back you’re on your head. Highly recommended.

Enough of that, tho. On with the pictures I’ve been promising!

walkin’ downtown San Jose.

somewhere really old and pretty (the Teatro Nacional), with Jess being super touristy and taking lots of pictures.


More to come. Most of the beach pics are on the little tossabout camera, which we’re still processing. Stay tuned.


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  1. jorge ibanez says:

    you expat, you… verklempt comes to mind.

    October, birthdays and new nephews are around the corner.

    really appreciate your postings and thanks for the photos

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