Travels, Farmlets and Bossy Animals


Our ornery, bossy ladies.

Wow. When we get distracted we really, really get distracted.

I’m writing this from the relatively new coffee house in Gainesville, Curia, part of an awesome new compound on 6th and 23rd that includes a gallery, some art creation spaces, and a very large dinosaur statue. Personally that last one is the most impressive, second to the very, very good coffee. I mean, even the ornery Italian approves of their cappuccino, and that’s a big deal.

Since last we wrote, we’ve kept the travels moving after Costa Rica, up and down the east coast in search of dissertation materials for Jess’s PhD (which she completed, btw, but I’ll get to that), to Italy, to Germany where all of my nerdy fantasy dreams came true and all of my hopes that the world isn’t all plastic were re-assured and..well, I’ll get to that, to Sweden and it’s adorably tiny fishing village we went to a wedding in. We bought a house (with a chicken coop!), brought home a dog from Costa Rica, Jess graduated, I started a children’s book series with my bestie Jimmy Fishhawk, I started my own business Dancing Ghost Studios and abandoned the rat race (too many rats, I found out, for my tastes), and got married. So, we’ve been pretty busy.

The new PhD!

The new PhD!

So now we have what we call our farmlet, with 5 ornery bossy chickens, 2 possibly 3 cats, 2 dogs, a few mice in the attic and more spiders than I’m comfortable with. And an Air B&B cottage we love to have guests at, so get at me if you’re heading to Gville and are disenchanted with hotels, I got you covered. Our days are spent being bossed around by our various animals (even the mice), and both working from home. You should see my studio, it’s rad. Jess takes over the world downstairs as the Director of Operations of a law firm (I know, right?!), and I make websites, graphics, and draw the world in my head and it’s goings on.

So now we’re back. Or at least I’m back, I can’t promise I’ll get Jess back here anytime soon, she keeps getting distracted by her email. We’ll tell you all about our 2015 Gastronomic World Tour, give pictures and updates of our formulate (green eggs! Our anarchist chicken gives us green eggs!), and tell you about our travels. We have a few coming up and hope to spend most of 2016 abroad since 2015 is such a domesticated year for us. And I’ll tell you about how Germany, of all places, restored my hope in magic and life in general. I mean, we stayed in castles, ya’ll.

So stay tuned. If nothing else, you can watch me ramble and make terrible jokes. đŸ˜‰

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