52 days. 4 US states. 9 cities/towns. Countless miles, farmers markets, breathtaking views, bucketlist items crossed off, amazing dishes, possible blog posts. Too little time to do it all in. 5 plane rides, 2 rental cars, and one amazing boat ride. 2 islands. 1 other seen from the plane. 2 languages. 3 mountain ranges. Approximately 10 strictly local brews. More or less 5 other locally made but nationally distributed. 7 places stayed at. One apartment dismantled. Approximately 10-15 poems written. 1 decommissioned military fort. 40 graveyards (at least, seriously…in New England, there’s a graveyard at every corner, kinda creepy), 1 of them visited, with 1 goldilocks tower climbed (by stairs). 24 sets of castle turrets. At least 5 collections of gargoyls. At least 24 american castles. 4-5 college campuses. 4-5 college campus archives. 10,000+ archive images taken. 175 hours taking those images.
All leading up to this. Costa Rica. We arrived yesterday, and are here for at least 3 months. We might be here a year, we might be nomads. It’s impossible to be here and not feel your inflexibility leave with your breath as you overlook the country from the top of a mountain, as the mountain wind makes itself known, as the clouds lay down along the mountain tips in the distance to rest a moment, as you realize you’re in frikken Costa Rica. For me, Johnny, it’s the first time in my adult life in another country. It’s been a big bucket list item, and it’s now crossed off. Now, to replace that one item is countless ones-now instead of “travel to another country” it’s “travel to X country.”
We apologize for not being better bloggers. The summer turned out to be a bigger challenge than we anticipated. Costa Rica, though, gives you space to breath, to make art, to write about your experiences. I got here and my muse was waiting for me, smiling.
So, all this to say, Hello from Costa Frikken Rica. Pictures to come.

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  1. jorge says:

    keep it coming….

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