The Truth About Your Containers…

As Jess alluded to in yesterday’s post, I’m pretty anti-canned food. Then there’s plastic containers. Plastic is tricky. Frankly, I don’t like it. In fact, if you see our kitchen, you’d think it was a glass jar factory. Whenever we come across a glass jar of any stripe or kind we take it aside, wash it, and story it just in case. The just in case means “just in case we actually do get around to make something to store in it before it rots with age” or “just in case we can actually figure out how to make our own whateveritis and not have to buy it anymore.” Most hard plastics and cans(in fact all hard plastics and almost all cans), y’see, are lined with BPA, Bisphenol A, which basically cause healthy cells to act like cancerous ones.

“BPA has raised concerns because it appears to mimic the effects of estrogen, interfering with hormone levels and cell signaling systems. Previous studies have shown that people exposed to high levels of BPA have a greater risk of developing uterine fibroids, breast cancer, decreased sperm counts, and prostate cancer. Babies and children are thought to be at greatest risk from the exposure. In fact, the scientific evidence warrants “a higher level of concern than those expressed by the expert [scientific] panel for possible effects of bisphenol A on prostate gland, mammary gland and early onset of puberty in exposed fetuses, infants and children,” the NTP(National Toxicology Program) report concludes.” (This from US News Health Section, link below).

And BPA in canned foods? Lord. Another article from the same source talked about how the focus on BPA in obvious hard plastics has become so heavy that people seem to ignore the fact that cans, lined with BPA rich plastic linings inside, are the biggest source of the stuff.

So. You see my concern. It’s not just what you make to put inside the containers that matter, the containers themselves matter a lot if you’re seeking to reduce your toxin intake a bit like we are. You can make all of the home made tomato sauce in the world, but if you keep it in the wrong container you risk a lot. If this chemical is more obviously released when heated, doesn’t it make sense that it would leach into whatever is in the container otherwise as well? Right. So, we’re glass heavy in this house hold. Plus there’s little asthetically pleasing about a shelving unit full of cans, or tupperware. Now, shelves full of glass jars with all of your colorful goodies inside? That’s another story.

So think about it. Click the link below and check out our new resources page, where I’m as we speak putting up just about anything I can google about BPA, if you’re curious. (And the list will likely grow the more I find.)

Resource Page

Cheers, and happy glass collecting!

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