Swim Lessons

[This entry was supposed to have posted a few days ago, but internet here is spotty at best, and I just found out that it didn’t. So here it is, a bit belated.)

I have water coming out of pretty much every orifice right now. Ears, nose…this is after an hour and two showers from getting out of the pool. I’m taking swim lessons. I don’t think I took swim lessons even as a kid. I’ve never been much of a guppy, more like a mountain goat, sometimes a puppy, but never sushi. Today, in the spirit of change and growth and jackall to do for 2 more months while Jess and I are in Costa Rica, I started swim lessons. I realized that one of the most unnatural things you can ask an adult to do for the first time is learn to keep their heads under water. Especially an asthmatic. An Asthmatic, who for their entire lives have concentrated on breathing, better and more often. Now you ask them to concentrate on not breathing. You cough. A lot. If you ever decide to take swim lessons, remember that: you will look like a poor, sputtering, drowning badger flapping in the water failing miserably at looking at all graceful. But as I’m learning from my impetuously lovely partner, new experiences are to be charged into full throttle and with manic joy yelling “YahYahYahYahYahYah!!!” the entire way.

Tho, maybe not, however, while you’re learning to keep your head under water.

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  1. jorge says:

    a photo, a photo! we need a photo of the thrashing mountain guppy… or the sushi goat, whichever…

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