Support Our Citizen’s Co-op!

Last year, a bunch of awesome people in Gainesville opened the Citizen’s Co-op, a member-run store in downtown Gainesville committed to selling as much locally-sourced, organic produce as possible.  It’s been amazing having them open, and we go there every chance we get.  The store itself is beautiful, open, light, and inviting. The produce is really great, and they have a very good bulk foods section for legumes, wheat etc. You can also get other local foods there, like honey and bread.  Finally, they have a small, but growing Sunday farmer’s market, featured in our Indiegainesville friends’ blog.  Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than shopping at other stores sometimes, but to us, it’s worth it.  We get to support our community and our environment on a lot of different levels. All that to say, times have been tough and they are hosting a fundraising event to help them push through. If you are in Gainesville and believe in supporting local co-ops (in turn supporting local farmers and food artisans), please stop by, even for a little bit! We will be there–Milo, too, if he can behave himself! Our friends the Rochevanies are playing, and we can’t wait to enjoy what promises to be a beautiful day with you!  Check out the handsome poster for more info.

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  1. Hopefully we’ll run into each other on Saturday!
    You are absolutely right. Citizens Co-op is an investment in our community. We feel that shopping there and supporting our local co-op not only helps nourish ourselves and our families, but also nourishes our community and the local farmers/producers.

    What a wonderful post, and thanks again for the love! You’re making us blush 😉

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