Sunday Funday-Repurposing

For as long as I can remember growing up, Sundays meant waking up to my baker poppa making fresh bread. What a wonderful way to wake up-to the scent of fresh bread baking. Today, Sunday, as I was washing the dishes, waiting for the coffee to steep, waiting for the lady to wake up, I felt a little voice piping up inside of me gently suggesting that maybe some bread would make Sunday complete. The lady, upon waking, asked me, without prompting, if I was going to make bread today. Actually, what she asked, technically, was “What’re you going to make today” with a very strong “Are you going to make bread today” undertone. I know my lady, I like to think.

The thing is, we have somewhere to go, eventually, early afternoon, and it’s chilly in the house. How best to rise the bread, I wondered. And it was she who made the great suggestion. After doing much research on cute old lady baker blogs, she found the microwave technique. Easily enough, you pop a cup of water and cook it in the microwave for 3 minutes, most conveniently while you prepare the dough. Then, you take out the water and pop in the dough, covered and in a buttery bowl, into the now steamy warm microwave, and forget about it for an hour or so minimum.

Bam-repurposing. Which is nice since we don’t use the microwave anymore and it’s been a pretty useless, difficult item to justify still having in the kitchen.

In other news, I have my eyes set on a grain mill. Yay baker’s toys…

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3 Responses to Sunday Funday-Repurposing

  1. jorge ibanez says:

    estoy disfrutando mucho de su blog. les está quedando muy interesante e inspiracional. gracias por compartir.

  2. ahhh…a new use for something old, like finding money in the wash! (also makes me feel less afraid to get old!) Love the site, keep up the good work! Sara

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