Strained Adventure Muscles

Let this be a lesson to you: when going from desk jockey to gym monkey (and pool guppy) always, always stretch…extensively. With little else to do here in Costa Rica when we want to avoid work for a while, Jess and I have joined the local gym. Along with my swim lessons, it makes me quite the jock. The problem, tho, is the extreme difference this is from my past normal status quo. And when you make this big of a change, your body, it protests. So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when I got up Monday morning (yes, yesterday), bent over to pick up the dog, and completely and thoroughly strained my left side butt muscle. And let me tell you, that is some kind of ow. So there I am, I sort of end up on the floor, Jess comes running over asking what’s wrong and I point to my rear end sort of mumbling mostly nonsensical sounds that can be deciphered into “I think I’ve seriously injured my gluteus maximus” by your 2 years plus partner, to which she sort of furrows her brow, raises her eyebrow as much as she’s able (which isn’t much, it’s really cute), and says “….you broke your ass?!”

20120828-092701.jpgMhM. Yes, yes I did. And ended up in bed all day so that I could maybe have a chance of being healed by today. Also because it really, really hurt to do anything. These are the kinds of adventures you too can have in Costa Rica. That and comforting little dogs who are thoroughly and completely terrified of thunder and lighting…during the rainy season. It rains, with thunder and lightning, every…single…day. This poor dog needs valium at this point. I mean, Every Day. His blood pressure must be through the ceiling. So, Jess and I do our best to comfort the poor little guy.
Tomorrow we head out for another adventure, going to traipse around an active volcano cause THAT sounds like a good idea. The guide says there’s hot springs. Yeah, I bet there are. Nice and boiling. It also says it’s right in the path of the lava flow, if said active volcano ever got extra special active, but, y’know, take a few beers and don’t worry so much. Thanks, Lonely Planet. Seriously, tho, we’re pretty excited. We’re going to scout out backpacker hostels when we get there, take very little, and see about giving ourselves something to write about besides broken asses and admittedly adorable storm-phobic puppies.

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