Spring Garden, Spring Cleaning, and Farmer’s Markets

Jess and I are here in Gainesville, hoping that our gamble we’re going to play this week will pay off and there will be no more cold snaps this season. Seemingly, spring has arrived full force, which means that our little seedlings we’ve been keeping just a tad too long in the small plastic pots will finally find a home in our little community garden plot. The same plot which we prepared a month or more back and which has been waiting patiently every since. So sometime this week we’ll get to get to play in the dirt. Yay.
Also, spring time means spring cleaning, and boy has that been happening. Furniture and dust flying everywhere. And we’ve barely even gotten started. As it stands, I never thought I’d find so much satisfaction in a newly cleaned and organized front porch. I am now that person. Yay. I’m now also that person that looks around the homestead with a squinty calculating eye to see if there’s anything else that can be tossed or sold. Scheming, you could call it. Milo the Beagle doesn’t like it one bit, and keeps looking at me like I’ve lost something crucial in the head.
Finally, the word on the street is Farmer’s Markets! Ok, that’s two words…work with me here. Specifically, the Citizen’s Co-op every Sunday at 2pm. We’ve missed the last couple, but the plan is to be there next week the 18th with a whole new set of tasty things, along with the breads that have been so popular. We’ll keep you posted with the menu as we come up with it, but mark it on your calendar to come check out all the new things we’re planning to cook up for you.

Hope you’re out there enjoying the amazing weather, and that daylight savings hasn’t got you down (“The earth’s rotation will be down for maintenance today while the US gov’t does scheduled work on Time itself. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.”)
Cheers, and see you around!

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