Renewing Commitments

The first day of the new year is but a few hours old in Gainesville, FL and we are sitting at home, contemplating our future and discussing our past.  Johnny is in the kitchen, making foccaccia–hands covered in dough, kneading.  The kitchen looks like a flour bomb exploded in it.  Milo is close at hand, looking up with hopeful Beagle eyes.  His determination for a positive outcome, in spite of rarely actually succeeding, is truly admirable. Hope springs eternal, and he is a great example of that.  As for the new year, our resolutions are as simple as they are complicated–to be healthier, write more, and find the courage to take big risks. We are off to Johnny’s parents, to share the first day of 2012 with the amazing family that has taken me in as their own, and for which I am truly grateful.

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