Rainy Day Greens

For most of my life, rainy days have been something to frown about. For one, I find it near impossible to get up. Today, it took three alarms, a disgruntled dog, a loving and patient partner, my bear slippers, a warm cup of coffee and a blanket to rouse myself from my comfy bed cocoon. Normally when I oversleep, I inevitably start the day feeling panicked because god knows there are too many things to do in a day.  One of the amazing things that this little homesteading kick of ours has taught me, though, is to appreciate the weather in all its forms.  While sunny days are great for going outside, rainy days have their advantages, too.  Today, the main one is that I don’t have to walk over to the community garden plot to water our little plants. We have kale, snow peas, lettuce, bok choy, and broccoli growing right now. Keeping up with the garden has been the toughest challenge so far, so I really appreciate when nature lends a hand.

Initially, I would go water the garden with Milo, so he could get a little walk in as well. Pretty soon, though, I realized this was not a good idea as Milo became a trample-master. He was helpful with the digging, not so much with the tending.  He also has a complete phobia of the water hose.  If you had been walking past us any of the days I brought Milo to the garden, you would have seen me with a hose in one hand and a dog in the other, arms pulled in completely opposite directions, me cursing at the dog as he’s desperately trying to get out of the collar and escape, water spraying everywhere except our little plot.  Needless to say, it was not a pleasant experience, though I must admit it probably looked entertaining.  Anyhow.  Long story short, Milo no longer comes with, and it’s been pretty hard to keep up with the garden because, even though it’s only a block away, it’s still far enough to slip my mind and it’s been tough to incorporate tending the garden into our daily routine.  So, we’ve relied a lot on the rains and the hardiness of the plants to keep it going and I am beyond grateful for the rain right now. If you see me today, you might notice me chanting, “rain rain, you may go away, but only if you promise to please come back soon!” After all, the farmer’s market is in an hour, and I can’t wait to see if the blood oranges have arrived! If so, sorbet, here we come!

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  1. jorge says:

    Ditto… rainy days are magical, they put things on different light!

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