Preparing for the Spring Garden

I’d like to start a conversation about incorporating sustainable, simple, and perennial elements into our landscapes.

My day job is freelance writing, both features for print or the web and more prosaic business writing like marketing materials and such. I especially enjoy writing for Georgia Organics, and recently got to research some of the finer points of permaculture for an article on a forward-thinking Georgia farmer.

As a gardener, I find all approaches that work with nature and fully utilize the space to be exciting. So, influenced by my research, I’m planning sweet potatoes as the understory in my tomato rows, and using containers to create a polyculture of cucumbers, peppers, basil, and other herbs. I’m also planning a vertical garden in hanging pots along the side of my porch, which gets amazing light most of the day.

Permaculture seems to be a pretty holistic approach not only to the landscape, but to reusing materials that come into the house and being wiser in my approach to composting. I’m reading more on it now, but it’s hardly the only progressive style. Whether it’s square foot gardening, lasagna mulch, no dig – what has inspired you over the winter, and what advances are you incorporating into your garden this spring?

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