Out In Bull City!

I wrote this whole post three days ago about a wonderful night out in Durham, but alas, it disappeared before my eyes just as I was posting it.

Because I promised Johnny I would, I’m going to re-write it — but by that, I mean, give you the story in pictures.

Here goes.

We went to this awesome restaurant called Bull City Burger. I’d link it as I did the first time I wrote this post, but now I’m too lazy to do it, so look it up yourself on le googles.  It’s awesome. Here’s a picture of the swank urban chic decor of the bar, where they serve beers brewed in their very own micro brewery.
















Movin’ on. Here’s a picture of this very neat restaurant’s front of house, ie, where you order your food. You walk up, give them your order, they give you a little wrought iron place holder with a number on it that represents a year and then a bit of local history associated with that year. It’s this historian’s little pre-supper excitement.

Okay, now, if you’re wondering what’s cool about this place, take a look at these two self-explanatory notices on their menu and in the ordering line.








































Pretty cool, no? I can get with that. Especially since the food was still reasonably prices.  Oh, and another cool thing: their soda fountain. They serve Boylan’s all natural cane sugar soda. It’s as good for you as soda can get. 🙂
















N.B. –we didnt’ have soda.  Heheh–we had beer. Proof’s in the locally brewed nut-brown ale.





















H’okay. Super cute. Now, onto the food. Hello, baby! We both had burgers, which is pretty much the only thing they serve. Good thing, too, because it was le amazing. Mine had an over easy egg and bacon. Mmm. Bacon. Also, we got a side of duck frites, ie french fries cooked in duck fat. All I can say to that is, le yumm.





















Look at that smile! And that, my friends, was our wonderful meal at Bull Street Burger!  If you get a chance to hang out in Durham, definitely stop by there! I promise you won’t be dissapointed. They also have what looks to be a pretty delish veggie burger for the non-meat eaters out there! Cheers!


















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