Out First Farmer’s Market!

Yesterday, Johnny and I participated in our first farmer’s market at the Citizen’s Co-Op in downtown Gainesville.  It was an amazing, overwhelming, and utter success.  We spent all day Saturday and Sunday preparing a variety of breads, my famous tomato sauce, and a sampling of hummuses (is that even the plural?). It was fun but also pretty stressful because we had so much to do. Enough so that we decided before the market started that it was a one-shot deal. Never again were we going to sacrifice our entire weekend for a farmer’s market. Famous last words. We get there and within an hour, we had sold out of most of our goods. By hour 2, it was all gone. People just loved it. They were so kind and encouraging. A lot of our friends came out, and many family members, too.  Folks were putting in pre-orders and really disapointed that we were all out so soon.  Johnny even sold the sample jar of tomato sauce because a customer really wanted it! Needless to say, we are absolutely thrilled.

It wasn’t easy, let me tell you.  Halfway through the baking process–as I was busy making the hummus–our oven decided to go kaputzky. Just flat stopped working.  Johnny was at the parents’ house, getting some baskets and cutting boards, and had to rush back, get the half-baked bread and speed back to the ‘rents to finish cooking it in their oven. The parents were amazing. They even wrapped each individual loaf for us and came out to take the pictures we feature below.

There’s a lot more to say, but we’re taking a much needed break tonight, and it’ll have to wait for another day.  However, before we go off to snuggle under the blankets with a movie and a cup of tea, we wanted to share some pictures. After all, they tell a thousand words, right?

Before we check out, we wanted to say a huge, giant thank you to everyone who came out to support us, to Johnny’s parents for saving the day with an oven and to the friendly folks at the CoOp for being so kind and generous to us.  We’re coming back next week. Stay tuned for Johnny’s post on it, and make sure to pre-order if you want to be guaranteed the goods!



Johnny, Jess, Abuela, and Wanda (abuela and mom, respectively)

the lovely folks at the Co-Op!

our table!



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