Making non-dairy nut milks is a cinch!

I’m not a big fan of cow’s milk, and one of the wonderful things about our bloated, non-sustainable economic and transit systems is the ease with which I can acquire almond, rice, soy, hemp, or coconut milk. Hey, I’ll take my silver linings where I can get them.

In an effort to rely less on fashioned goods and more on goods I’ve fashioned, lately I’ve been making non-dairy nut milks. The easiest (and so far the tastiest) is almond milk from almond butter.

You need:

  • 1 tablespoon almond butter
  • 1 cup water
  • A blender

Did I mention it was easy? To this, you can add a pinch of salt, some honey or fruit or whatever you like to sweeten with. One recipe I found online recommended adding cocoa nibs for their favorable effect on skin.

Part of the fun is that basically any grain or seed can be made into nut milk. Today I decided to get a little more old school and actually do a full-day soak of millet prior to mixing with water and blending into millet milk.

One cup millet (L) along with a half cup of oats soaking for the morning.

Soaking grains for several hours or a day does a bunch of helpful things, but for our purposes it softens the grains, making them easier to blend. If left long enough to start sprouting, I believe they would be sweeter as well as natural sugars were unlocked to feed the new seedling.

In any case, here’s how to make millet milk:

  • 1 cup soaked millet
  • 4 cups water
  • Pinch of salt
  • Sweetener of your choice. Fruit (dates are often recommended), honey, etc.

Blend until blended. Many nuts and grains will require straining, but the millet ended up fine enough that straining would have been more work than it was worth. The final product will require a quick stir or shake prior to pouring.

A jar of millet milk that'll last me several days. Total prep time: About five minutes. Cost: Maybe a quarter.

I don’t generally sweeten things. I did add about a teaspoon of honey to the blender, but I don’t think it made much difference. The flavor was very close to porridge. Not bad at all, but nothing I’d drink on its own. Fortunately, I tend to use milks as bases for other things – oatmeal, smoothies, or to cool coffee or tea. I’m not sure millet milk would go well with tea, but for the rest, it’ll be a hearty addition to healthy eating.

(As calories go, I added 1/2 cup of the milk to cook oatmeal in. I called this 1/8 cup of millet – which is a high estimate – and amounts to 38 calories.)

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5 Responses to Making non-dairy nut milks is a cinch!

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  2. rosa says:

    Hi there!
    question, is the millet left uncooked?


  3. terra millet says:

    regarding millet milk, do you use seeds or hulled grains?
    we tried from millet flakes but the milk still contains very small particles of flour that brings some uncomfort when we drink
    many thanks,
    martine dugué for terra millet

  4. Mary says:

    Hi there ! I am SO thankful that I found this recipe and your comments. THANK YOU !!!
    You’re so generous to share this idea. I’m so grateful for your creativity and ingenuity.

    I have been searching for ways to incorporate healthy carbohydrates / whole grains into my diet. Due to digestive difficulties, I have found that blending or liquidating many foods helps tremendously.

    For whole grains, I thought I would be limited to cooked grains or cereals, because the store bought alternative milks contain unwanted ingredients and I was limited to a few rice milks and one oat milk. I think I’m going to experiment with amaranth as well, and maybe quinoa.
    Again, your recipe strikes me as something I should have thought of, but I didn’t, so I’m glad you did !
    Best wishes,

  5. Mary says:

    P.S. I forgot to thank you for the almond milk recipe too. I have been making it from scratch, just blending the almonds with water and it has been great, but quite a time consuming chore. It never occurred to me to just use almond butter! Thank you ! What a gift.

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