Farmers Markets and Love

I think we can honestly say that when we, Jess and I, decided to go have a little booth of goodness at the farmers market, we had no idea what it would entail. We had no idea, though perhaps we had a hunch, that the first day would be one of chaos, confusion, stress and a broken oven up until we actually got to the actual market, at which point it would be all worth it. We had no idea, though again perhaps we had a hunch, that the sense of camaraderie between vendors at farmers markets, or at least at this one, is so strong and heart warming. And we had no idea, not even a hunch, only a hope, that we would sell out two weeks in a row and that the second week people would come up to our table, look around, see the sign with our name and brighten up, pointing and saying “OH! You’re Hogtown Homestead! Cool!”
Now, two weeks later, we have farm fresh eggs from a lovely vendor this past sunday who gave them to us out of love and gratitude for some of our truffles we redistributed, some fantastic vegies we traded for from Swallowtail Farm, at least one standing order for Jess’s zucchini bread, and the warm confidence and belief in our little venture that you, the community, have given us with your support. We’ll be back. Not this next Sunday, Jess is going out of town, but perhaps and hopefully the Sunday after that. So stay tuned. We have pictures coming (I think I’ll make a gallery page for it, I’ll let you know) probably later today, more adventures from Stacie which you should definitely go check out, and we’ll keep you updated about the market. Feel free to let us know at any time if and when you need your Hogtown Homestead tasty stuffs fix, we take orders at any time.
Much love, and zucchini bread.

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  1. Stacie says:

    That’s so exciting – congratulations to you both. In Georgia, we don’t have a Cottage Food Law, so production through a commercial kitchen is required to sell baked goods and so on.

    Your experience inspired me to do some looking, and there is a contingent of Georgian bakers pushing the state to follow Florida and Texas and a lot of other states in making it easier and more cost effective for small players to enter the market.

    You guys are awesome. I’m glad the markets are going so well.

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