Do It Yourself Luxury

One thing you learn from making your own stuffs at home, especially in the kitchen, is that most of the time it’s worlds better than what you buy at the store. Another thing you learn is that you can become quickly spoiled in this respect, getting used to amazing home made pasta (Jess’s new kick) and home made bread (mine, moving from “kick” to “integral part of our day to day”), etc. Which is a bit tricky because while not an enormous amount of trouble, it certainly takes more than opening a box and boiling some water to make dinner. It’s worth it, don’t get me wrong, but the time it takes, while the dog looks up at you with his head cocked wondering if he even wants whatever the goo your rolling around the counter is, is significant if you’re used to the box+boil=done formula. Making a new loaf of bread in the mornings sounds wonderful, but I’ve learned, quickly, to stay away from things that burn and things that cut before I’ve had my coffee (and sometimes after).

But oh you can become spoiled. And the knowledge of what, exactly, you’re eating, the knowledge that all you’re putting in your body is flour, water, maybe some eggs and a little yeast, with no mystery involved, is amazing. Jess and I sat at the dinner table the other day, after a meal like this, and she looked up at me and said “do you realized that the most processed thing we’ve eaten all day is the organic flour we used for the pasta?” It’s worth it, it really is. Even if you do burn yourself a couple of times.

Pictures to come soon.

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