Clutter and Spacemaking

On into the new year. Usually it is this time of every year that people do one of two things (or sometimes both in fits of purposeful “irony”): make and work toward resolutions with a fervor any evangelical should be jealous of, or reject the concept of resolutions with a proud contempt any hipster should be jealous of. Jess and I share a middle of the road strategy, setting out our general intentions-better health and fitness, more art, more risk taking and life living-and then shutting our traps and getting to work before we get too caught up in the talking. I’ll be the first to admit that this is her approach which she helps me adopt.

We spent the day yesterday working towards one of our goals of reducing our clutter and stuffness. We all have things, boxes and boxes of things, that we carry from house to apartment evey move and then stuff in closets or under beds. Or gadgets and gadgets we accumulate. No one is immune to this, I think. Especially homestead minded people. Boy do we love our “stuff”. I have more glass bottles now than you can imagine. But if you don’t go through us stuff, if you hold onto superfluous past out of sentimentality, then you keep some things from gathering their full worth as valuable objects-my mothers antique Mexican blanket she gave me, for example-and you have no room for anything new to come in, be it material or immaterial. Don’t you think?

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