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Want worms in your kitchen?

I have a dog and a cat. Both are lovable, sweet, and I can’t imagine life without them, but as productivity goes, I wouldn’t describe them as workhorses. Compared to the labors of the yeasts and lactobacilli I routinely encourage … Continue reading

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The Truth About Your Containers…

As Jess alluded to in yesterday’s post, I’m pretty anti-canned food. Then there’s plastic containers. Plastic is tricky. Frankly, I don’t like it.┬áIn fact, if you see our kitchen, you’d think it was a glass jar factory. Whenever we come … Continue reading

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Do It Yourself Luxury

One thing you learn from making your own stuffs at home, especially in the kitchen, is that most of the time it’s worlds better than what you buy at the store. Another thing you learn is that you can become … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Baking Soda

Baking soda. Sodium Bicarbonate. What a lovely, talented little chemical compound salt this is. Did you know what you can pretty much replace most if not all of your cleaners at home with baking soda? Did you also know that … Continue reading

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TLC for your Iron Skillet

Iron skillets. They’re up there in eternal coolness with that tough leather bag your grandfather left you that’s still so tough you’d swear it was mooing, and the wooden rocking chair that’s been in your family for eons. It’s one … Continue reading

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