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Sunday Morning Baking, Rituals and the Power of Memories

This morning was going to be special. I had a couple of very ripe bananas pleading to be transmogrified into home baked banana bread. And, not having baked for some time now, I went to bed already savoring the early … Continue reading

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Christmas Comebacks and Family Recipes

Ok, if any of you are still looking for a special Christmas dish to show off to your out of town guests, here is something out of the Puertorrican Christmas playbook. According to my dad, when he was a kid, … Continue reading

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Pastries and Passing It Forward

With the Citizen’s Co-op Farmer’s Market coming up, and with us coming up with new breads to make for it, it’s gotten me thinking about history and what’s passed along generation to generation. My family is an old baking family. … Continue reading

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Do It Yourself Luxury

One thing you learn from making your own stuffs at home, especially in the kitchen, is that most of the time it’s worlds better than what you buy at the store. Another thing you learn is that you can become … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday-Repurposing

For as long as I can remember growing up, Sundays meant waking up to my baker poppa making fresh bread. What a wonderful way to wake up-to the scent of fresh bread baking. Today, Sunday, as I was washing the … Continue reading

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Back to Basics: Sweet Delights

A few weeks ago, I promised by three sections of undergraduate history students an incentive to do well on their mid-term. The section who got the highest scores would receive a special treat: home-made cookies baked by me. So, I … Continue reading

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