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A pro sets me right on sunflower milk

(Earlier ruminations on making nut milks here.) I had dinner with my friends Wayne and Mark last night. They’ve been vegetarian longer than I’ve known them, and I was amused to notice mason jars of nut milk in their fridge. … Continue reading

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Welcome to March!

I know most of this blog’s readers are in Florida and that maybe this calendrical moment means less to you, but for those of us rocking zones 8 and lower, March 1 is a wonderful, wonderful day. The nighttime temps … Continue reading

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Want worms in your kitchen?

I have a dog and a cat. Both are lovable, sweet, and I can’t imagine life without them, but as productivity goes, I wouldn’t describe them as workhorses. Compared to the labors of the yeasts and lactobacilli I routinely encourage … Continue reading

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The Mushroom Garden

Yesterday I finally got around to building a bed for the wine cap mushroom spawn I ordered. I followed the procedure laid out in Paul Stamets’ excellent book on mushroom ecology, Mycelium Running. To reduce competitor organisms, he recommends making … Continue reading

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Making non-dairy nut milks is a cinch!

I’m not a big fan of cow’s milk, and one of the wonderful things about our bloated, non-sustainable economic and transit systems is the ease with which I can acquire almond, rice, soy, hemp, or coconut milk. Hey, I’ll take … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Spring Garden

I’d like to start a conversation about incorporating sustainable, simple, and perennial elements into our landscapes. My day job is freelance writing, both features for print or the web and more prosaic business writing like marketing materials and such. I … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Mushrooms

You know, being an adult is nothing like being in college, except, you know… The more things change, the more they stay the same. About a year ago, I learned that it was possible to grow oyster mushrooms on coffee … Continue reading

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How does a beehive work?

Since I guess I’ll be writing quite a bit about the furry aliens in the boxes in my back yard, it seems helpful to maybe create a tagged set of posts as “Beekeeping 101,” to provide some general information about … Continue reading

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The Beer! The Beer!

When you see the word “fermented,” you probably don’t first think of pickled eggs, preserved lemons, or kimchi. Odds are good that your very first thought is, “Beer!” This post is for you. Home brewing is probably the coolest intersection … Continue reading

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The Seedlings, They’re A-Comin!

Gardeners engage in a kind of wish-fulfilling time travel. It’s January, yes, but in our bones we can feel the world dreaming of spring. A few weeks back, I finally got around to filling in some mini-greenhouse flats with organic … Continue reading

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