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It’s the little things…

I don’t know if anyone who has never left the U.S. realizes how rare it actually is to have such a clear and sharp division between residential and commercial in a city, as we do in the states. You come … Continue reading

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52 days. 4 US states. 9 cities/towns. Countless miles, farmers markets, breathtaking views, bucketlist items crossed off, amazing dishes, possible blog posts. Too little time to do it all in. 5 plane rides, 2 rental cars, and one amazing boat … Continue reading

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Durham, NC

So, we’ve been on the road 3 days, in Durham 2, and boy are we tired. However, we’ve set ourselves to do at least one cool Durham thing a day. Tuesday, our first day here, Jess showed me the Duke … Continue reading

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The closer and closer you get to travels, once committed, the stronger and stronger the feeling of senioritis, or whatever equivalent there is for non-students, wouldn’t you agree? We here at HH are getting ready and closer to take this … Continue reading

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The Garden

Things have been quiet around here. We’ve been busy getting ready for our travels and watching our garden grow. The Patented Lancia-Ibanez Planting Method, for those in the know, is grabbing a handful of seeds and throwing them like rice … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking a lot, lately, about this blog, and this venture. We haven’t posted much in the last few weeks, and I realized that it’s because this little venture of ours has needed to go through a bit of … Continue reading

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Pastries and Passing It Forward

With the Citizen’s Co-op Farmer’s Market coming up, and with us coming up with new breads to make for it, it’s gotten me thinking about history and what’s passed along generation to generation. My family is an old baking family. … Continue reading

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Spring Garden, Spring Cleaning, and Farmer’s Markets

Jess and I are here in Gainesville, hoping that our gamble we’re going to play this week will pay off and there will be no more cold snaps this season. Seemingly, spring has arrived full force, which means that our … Continue reading

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Farmers Markets and Love

I think we can honestly say that when we, Jess and I, decided to go have a little booth of goodness at the farmers market, we had no idea what it would entail. We had no idea, though perhaps we … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Market

Hogtown Homestead is going to the market! Have you heard? We will be, for the first time for us, at the Citizen’s Co-op Sunday at 2pm selling our breads and tasty homemade stuffs. We’re so excited! You should come by, … Continue reading

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