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As Fall Falls

So much going on and kicking up around here these days. We currently, this morning, have a baby downstairs we’re babysitting, and has to be just about the cutest happiest baby I’ve ever seen. On top of that, and what’s … Continue reading

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Travels, Farmlets and Bossy Animals

Wow. When we get distracted we really, really get distracted. I’m writing this from the relatively new coffee house in Gainesville, Curia, part of an awesome new compound on 6th and 23rd that includes a gallery, some art creation spaces, … Continue reading

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Christmas Coquito aka Puertoriccan Egg Nog

Wait, stop the presses! It just happens Publix no longer carries Yautía! My dad, not one to be deterred by important details, went: ‘yautía, boniato, same difference’ and boniato it was. Boniato is another root, favorite with our Cuban neighbors. … Continue reading

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Christmas Comebacks and Family Recipes

Ok, if any of you are still looking for a special Christmas dish to show off to your out of town guests, here is something out of the Puertorrican Christmas playbook. According to my dad, when he was a kid, … Continue reading

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To the Beach!!

It’s 7am and I’m writing this from Montezuma, Costa Rica, as Jess sleeps. We’re staying in a hotel called El Sano Banano (The Healthy(to me it sounds like it should be ‘Sane’) Banana) on the strip we drove into last … Continue reading

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(Mis)adventures in the land of active volcanos

I (Jessica) haven’t posted here in awhile, but we just spent three absolutely spectacular days in the Mount Arenal area of northwest Costa Rica and the experience was too awesome not to recount on the (virtual) page. Our trip included … Continue reading

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Strained Adventure Muscles

Let this be a lesson to you: when going from desk jockey to gym monkey (and pool guppy) always, always stretch…extensively. With little else to do here in Costa Rica when we want to avoid work for a while, Jess … Continue reading

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Swim Lessons

[This entry was supposed to have posted a few days ago, but internet here is spotty at best, and I just found out that it didn’t. So here it is, a bit belated.) I have water coming out of pretty … Continue reading

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I’ve been listening to Brandi Carlile’s Bear Creek album almost obsessively the last few days, at least in the morning. The rest of the day, with me too busy to be sitting down to listen to music without end, my … Continue reading

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Week 3 Costa Rica

This is around the time that one realizes that 3 months is a really long time to be travelling, anywhere. Paradise? Yeah, 3 months is still a really, really long time. Both the three months we’ve been gone already, and … Continue reading

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