A Week of Dinners in Pictures — Day 7

So this is actually Sunday brunch because for dinner we had pizza (twice in one week!!) courtesy of our friend David, who was over. So we went to the Hoggetown Medieval Faire this day, and I wanted to make us something silly to get into the mood.  So here we have soft boiled eggs on a sweet pea puree (the same peas we had for dinner on Friday) and a vegetable medley (ditto). Looks a tad unappetizing in the photo mayhaps, but, well, it tasted scrumptious.  Also, not every meal can look pretty and I did promise I’d post pictures for a week. So here you have it, the green egg monster…last photo in a 7-day series.  Phew.

Now, onto more exciting things… start pressuring Johnny to write about our Spring garden adventures, which included GIANT cockroaches. Ewww.




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