A Week of Dinners in Pictures–Day 4

So here I was thinking that I wasn’t going to have anything to post today because I had a long day, was really exhausted and didn’t feel a lick like cooking. Then, our friend Val kindly invited us to dinner, and we accepted, even though a part of me felt pretty guilty — for about a second and a half– that I would have nothing to blog about.   Anyhow. We had pizza. At Big Lou’s. It was glorious. But I digress. I was about to post about having nothing to post (oh, the irony abounds) when our friend Jimmy showed up. Poor, overworked Jimmy hadn’t had a chance to eat yet, so I got to make good on dinner-making anyway. T’wasn’t anything complicated– a little tiny ciabatta onion bread  sandwich with pesto, mozzarella, and tomatoes.  Simple, easy, and always yummy.  Here’s a pic of the sandwich (and hand-model Jimmy).


The bread was from Fresh Market — I had a few loaves left over from a party and stuck them in the freezer. A minute in the microwave makes it as good as new.  The mozzarella was an Italian import. Yes, I like to eat mozzarella the way my people make it.  The pesto was ours (see previous post on how to make your own!), and the tomatoes were from the farmer’s market.  All ready in less than 5 mins.

As for us, we’re getting geared up to get our garden ready this weekend (as Johnny mentioned). Very excited! On a food-related side-note, I did create one thing today, but as a snack. It’s worth sharing, though.  It was a lavender-honey-vanilla shake. The recipe came from somewhere online (can’t find it now, of course!) But–it was yummmmmmy.  Made with 1 cup almond milk, 1 cup ice, 1 tbsp dried lavender, 2 tbsp honey, and 1 tbsp vanilla. Mixed up in a blender and holy-fields-of-purple was it delicious! Try it, I swear you’ll love it.  You can substitute regular milk or water if you like, of course. 🙂

Okay, because I realize this is a rather underwhelming post, I’m going to leave you with this, a picture of the three stooges, Milo and his besties Cedar and Porter, taken yesterday.  They crack me up.


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