A Week of Dinners in Pictures-Day 3


If you know me well enough to go out dining with me, you know that I absolutely ADORE Thai cuisine.  When I visited Thailand as a kid, all I can remember (except for the beaches, of course), is the food. I just couldn’t have enough.  To give you an idea, when I lived in Charleston, I had the local Thai place’s menu in my car, just in case I needed to put an order in on the go. Pretty ridiculous, I know. Anyhow, moving to Gainesville I had to come to terms with the fact that there just isn’t a good Thai restaurant in the city (that I know of). That means that if I want to eat it, I need to make it.  So, tonight that’s what I did. Here’s my version of Thai red curry with shrimp.  It’s pretty simple to make, at least my bastardized version, using store-bought red curry paste and a can of coconut milk as a base. As for the rest of the dish, I used a bunch of ingredients from different places — wild-caught Florida shrimp and local red pepper from Ward’s, red baby carrots and tomatoes from the farmer’s market, and best of all, snow peas and chives from our very own garden. The curry was served with a bit of plain Jasmine rice. It was pretty delish! The trick, I’ve learned, is to let the spices cook in a little bit of oil before adding the coconut milk. It really makes for a more fragrant curry that way.

On a side note, here’s what we got at the Farmer’s market today — yummmmm!! A dozen organic tangelos, a pint of organic strawberries, a bunch of organic red baby carrots, and a basked of organic tomatoes, all for $3 each! Love the farmer’s market!






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2 Responses to A Week of Dinners in Pictures-Day 3

  1. Elana says:

    Looks delicious (sans shrimp for me, of course). Nothing so fancy over here: just some veggie chili and sweet potato fries… We should cook together sometime!

  2. Jessica Lancia says:

    Hi Elana, that sounds yummy! I **heart** sweet potato fries and veggie chili! And yes, we should definitely cook together sometime very soon! Thanks for commenting!

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